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Okay! I need some cash and Etsy and I are having Issues, so I thought I would set up a public post here where I can outline the services that I offer.
    1. All readings are 100% confidential. The only person I talk about your reading with is you. I will keep your reading on file for about six weeks, but after that I delete them. If you for some reason lose your copy of the reading, you have about a six week grace period to ask me to send it back to you.
    2. You can read my reviews here if you are interested.
    3. I've been reading tarot for about three years now and have been selling my services for about two years. My style of reading focuses less on telling you your future and more on possibilities of actions. The future is not set in stone; you always have the ability to change your outcome. I also do not read for legal, financial, or medical matters -- including pregnancy. I prefer to read for you and not a third party, unless a third party is directly connected to your query (and even then, I like to keep the focus on you).
    4. I also offer services specifically for writers! If you're interested in that, please check out that section below.
    5. I reserve the right not to read for a particular topic for whatever reason, in which case I will either issue you a full refund or work with you to find a better topic.

    What will I receive if I order a reading?

    You will receive a PDF to the email address you provide me with. This PDF will contain pictures of your reading and my detailed analysis and interpretation of the cards. These can be lengthy, so I suggest that you set aside some time free from distractions to go over your reading. I offer one complimentary clarification question that you may ask after the reading, but additional questions/cards pulled do come with a price (check out add-ons). I may also include crystal recommendations if I think your situation calls for it.

    There's a two week turn around on readings. You will most likely get the reading within a week.

    How do I pay?

    Like I said earlier, Etsy and I are having some issues right now, so I would prefer Paypal or Square Cash ($clairer). After you send me the money through one of those payment options, please send an email to with the following information: your preferred name and pronouns, your birth date (month and day is fine), the specific spread you want, and your topic/question/area of concern.

    I can do cold reads where you just give me the question you want me to read for, but you'll probably get more out of the reading if you give me as much information as you are comfortable sharing. Remember, your reading is completely confidential and I've read for a lot of different topics. This whole process will go a lot easier for both of us if you are up front with me about what you want me to read.

    If you would like to tip me, I would certainly appreciate it! 


    Prices start at $3 per card. I have specific spreads you can choose from, which I will briefly describe below. If you are unsure as to what will be best for your situation, you can ask in a comment below or shoot me an email. If you do not see a spread that you think will work for you, I have a custom option available as well.

    • 3 Card Reading I will customize this spread to fit your question, but common positions in this spread include past/present/future and action/consequence/consequence. -- $6
    • Blockage Reading This four-card spread is good for getting to the root issues of a situation or problem. -- $12
    • A Peek into the Week Ahead This reading focuses on the positives and negatives of the week ahead of you. -- $15
    • Celtic Cross This spread is great for digging in deep into an issue. I can get a lot of information out of this spread. -- $30
    • The Year Ahead This is a particular favorite spread of mine that I've created. We'll look at the next twelve months and what you can expect to face in that time. We'll focus on a central theme for your year, as well as take a look at how the different seasons interact with each other. -- $35

    For writers:
    • Characterization Reading This four-card reading focuses on who your character is, their conflict, who they aspire to be, and a negative aspect of their character. -- $12
    • Story Arc Reading There are two sizes to this reading: general and in depth. In a general story arc reading, we'll look at rising action, climax, and falling action. In an in depth story arc reading, we'll look those same pieces, as well as an inciting incident and two crises. -- $15 // $24

    Custom Readings:
    • There is a $5 reader's fee for any custom reading, however because these readings tend to be more free-form, the price per card is $2.50.
    • Send me an email at if you are interested in receiving a custom reading. Give me the gist of the topic you would like to receive a reading for and about how many cards you would like pulled. I will work with you to come up with a spread that best fits your needs.

    • New Client Special If I have never read for you before or if you've never received a tarot reading before, this may be the option for you! I will help you develop a question to ask, pull three cards in response to your query, and throw in an extra clarification question (which will bring you up to two clarification questions). Be sure to mention this special in your email! -- $10
    • Premium Reading Package I'm excited to offer this premium package to you guys! I'll help you develop two focused questions to ask. You may choose either the Celtic Cross spread or the Year Ahead spread. You will receive your PDF and three crystal recommendations. You will also have the opportunity to ask up to four clarification questions (including your complimentary question). -- $50
    • Clarification Questions If you have additional questions after your reading and your complimentary clarification question, you may add extra clarification questions to your order. -- $1 per question
    • Oracle Card If you would like an oracle card added to your reading, I can do that as well! Oracle cards are good for adding insight that you might not get from the traditional tarot deck. -- $1.50 per card

    Available Decks

    This will be updated when I figure out what box I put my tarot decks in! Stay tuned for a complete list. 


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